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What designers could be possibly looking for, at a design event? Well, Design Athens 2017

it’s all about layers, layers, layers.

The most designing-y game of all time takes place at Design Athens on 14th – 15th January,

where PaperGo will be laying layers around for an epic treasure hunt: LayerGo.

So, in a nutshell: Players must unlock all layers. (Hey, that rhymes!)

By downloading this App, you can enter LayerGo. Through hidden beacons at the venue and

witty directions, you can wander around to unlock and merge all 5 layers to gain a chance of

winning an Ipad, at the end of the event.

REMEMBER: Follow the RED. Red is good. Red is hot and closer to the layers. Not blue. RED.

Have Fun!

WARNING: You need to be in the venue to play the game!